Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue : XRIJF ’12

Greetings Dear Friends :)

The 2012 Wedding Season has just wrapped up…I am so excited to share some glimpses of what was.  So.very.wonderful.

Before getting to that though, I wanted to share a few images from my music photography archive.  This year’s Rochester International Jazz Festival was absurdly amazing.  For those of you who attended, you know what I mean.  If you weren’t there, do not worry, I am sorting the imagery.  I won’t name drop now,,,sit tight.

The 10-day festival wrapped with the massively talented, massively charismatic/energetic Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue – a free show on the Alexander St. stage in front of an estimated 18,000 people.  Working on stage in front in the midst of that many people enthusiastically giving everything that they have back to a core of 7 guys doing their thing 120%…phew…electric.

Check em y’all!

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue

…pre-show fisheye shenanigans.  THAT’S a crowd!!!

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue

So much more to share.  Please check back often!!!


t (tomas flint photographer – International music and music festival photographer)

Love & Light : Finger Lakes Escape

Greetings Dear Friends :)

I recently re-visited a set of images from a family getaway to Cayuga Lake in NY’s most wondrous Finger Lake Region.  Beautiful memories worthy of sharing.


tomas_flint-photo-5 tomas_flint-photo-2 tomas_flint-photo-4 tomas_flint-photo-1 tomas_flint-photo-6 tomas_flint-photo-7 tomas_flint-photo-9 tomas_flint-photo-10 tomas_flint-photo-13 tomas_flint-photo-15 tomas_flint-photo-14 tomas_flint-photo-8 tomas_flint-photo-11 tomas_flint-photo-17 tomas_flint-photo-16 tomas_flint-photo-12

Memories like this remind of how grateful I am for every breath of this precious life.  Thank you for sharing a little bit of your precious life with me.


t (tomas flint photographer : feeling grateful)

The Great Journey Inward : Hawai’i

There is a goddess quality about the islands of Hawai’i.  A nurturing energy that begs of discovery, realization and progress.  Thank you for opening your arms and in so doing, opening my heart.  For it is not about the new things that one sees on his journey, but the new eyes through which he sees things.  These are as close to an outward manifestation of the movement that I experienced along the way.

The Great Journey Inward : Hawai’i 2012

T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-138 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-100 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-102 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-106 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-107 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-104 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-111 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-120 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-122 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-125 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-127 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-163 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-146 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-136 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-141 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-145 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-169 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-167 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-142 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-144 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-168 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-171 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-131 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-115 T_Flint_Hawaii_Photo-157

I believe that American travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux said it best:

“Hawai’i is not a state of MIND, but a state of GRACE”


t (tomas flint photographer)

Occhi Nuovi II : Italia Revisited

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

tomas_flint-italia-01 tomas_flint-italia-02 tomas_flint-italia-03 tomas_flint-italia-04 tomas_flint-italia-05 tomas_flint-italia-06 tomas_flint-italia-08 tomas_flint-italia-09 tomas_flint-italia-10 tomas_flint-italia-11 tomas_flint-italia-12 tomas_flint-italia-13 tomas_flint-italia-14 tomas_flint-italia-16 tomas_flint-italia-15 tomas_flint-italia-17 tomas_flint-italia-18 venice_boats_flint tomas_flint-italia-19 tomas_flint-italia-20 tomas_flint-italia-22 tomas_flint-italia-23 tomas_flint-italia-24 tomas_flint-italia-25 tomas_flint-italia-26 tomas_flint-italia-27 tomas_flint-italia-28 tomas_flint-italia-30 tomas_flint-italia-31 tomas_flint-italia-32 tomas_flint-italia-33 tomas_flint-italia-34 tomas_flint-italia-35 tomas_flint-italia-37 tomas_flint-italia-38 tomas_flint-italia-39 tomas_flint-italia-36 tomas_flint-italia-40 tomas_flint-italia-41 tomas_flint-italia-43 tomas_flint-italia-44 tomas_flint-italia-29

You may recall my Occhi Nuovi Post a few months back…in fact, way too long ago.  Click here to review or experience for the first time.  Well here is the second batch, as promised.  These images shine in my heart where words simply fall short.  My hope is that they left you with a little tingle as well.

Thank you for being here dear friends.  May inspiration never be a resource of scarcity.


t (tomas flint photographer)

2011 Rochester International Jazz Festival

Greetings Dear Friends :)

What a thrill!  …one of those ‘pinch me so I know that I’m not dreaming’ sorta experiences.

The 10th installment of the Rochester International Jazz Festival was by far it’s biggest and baddest.  9 days, 285 concerts spread out over 18 venues and an attendance that is estimated to have topped 185,000 people  secured Rochester’s space amongst the greatest summer towns that no one ever talks about.  I am proud to be associated with this event, proud of the many people who give tirelessly year-round to it’s success and mostly proud of this great city that I call home.  A million thanks to the festival producers Marc Iacona & John Nugent, Jean Dalmath and EVERYONE at Dalmath Associates, PhotoTeam leader Don Ver Ploeg and the hard working, creatives on the team for accepting me so openly and encouraging my madness.

It unbelievable to think that in a week’s time, I had my lens in front of Elvis Costello, kd lang, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Chris Botti, G Love & Special Sauce, Trombone Shorty, Grace Kelly, Bonerama, The Ryan Shaw Band, The Stephane Wrembel Trio and so many more.   Here are a few of my selects from the week that was.  Fair Warning:  This is a loong post :)

The 2011 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival : 10th Anniversary : Rochester, NY

chris-botti-tomas-flint-1 chris-botti-tomas-flint-2 chris-botti-tomas-flint3 chris-botti-tomas-flint-4 chris-botti-tomas-flint-5 chris-botti-tomas-flint-6 grace_kelly-tomas-flint-2 gap_mangione-tomas-flint-3 kd_lang-tomas_flint-1 kd_lang-tomas_flint-2 vic_wooten-tomas_flint-2 futureman-tomas_flint-2 bela_fleck-tomas_flint-2 bela_fleck-tomas_flint-9 elvis_costello-flint-2 elvis_costello-flint-3 elvis_costello-flint-9 trombone-shorty-flint-2 trombone-shorty-flint-3 trombone-shorty-flint-4 trombone-shorty-flint-5 Tomas_Flint-1000 g_love-tomas_flint-2 g_love-tomas_flint-3 g_love-tomas_flint-4 g_love-tomas_flint-5 g_love-tomas_flint-6 elvis_costello-flint-5 elvis_costello-flint-6 g_love-tomas_flint-7 Stephane_Wrembel_Trio-1 Stephane_Wrembel_Trio-3 elvis_costello-flint-4elvis_costello-flint-66

That just about wraps up this installment of visual:ramblings.  Plenty more on the way…hope to see you all again soon!


t (tomas flint photographer)

Occhi Nuovi – Italia Part I

Greetings Dear Friends :)

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”Marcel Proust

Tomas_Flint_Italy-102 Tomas_Flint_Italy-101 Tomas_Flint_Italy-103 Tomas_Flint_Italy-104 Tomas_Flint-Italy-1 Tomas_Flint_Italy-105 Tomas_Flint_Italy-1000 Tomas_Flint-Italy-4 Tomas_Flint-Italy-3 Tomas_Flint-Italy-10 Tomas_Flint-Italy-9 Tomas_Flint-Italy-8

Tomas_Flint-Italy-12 Tomas_Flint-Italy-11 Tomas_Flint-Italy-16 Tomas_Flint-Italy-17

Tomas_Flint-Italy-18Tomas_Flint_Italy-106 Tomas_Flint-Italy-20 Tomas_Flint-Italy-21 Tomas_Flint-Italy-22 Tomas_Flint-Italy-14

Time has recently become a scarce commodity.  I have so much to share from music, to travel, sports and love.  I promise to return just as soon as possible with updates.

Thank you for being here…I hope that this finds you all well.


t (tomas flint photographer)

NY Yankee Bernie Williams visits my High School!

Greetings Friends :)

When my high school basketball coach contacted me about gathering imagery of NY Yankee great Bernie Williams‘ visit to Notre Dame High School in Utica, NY I thought…now there’s something you don’t do everyday.  I have had a few chances to work with Bernie in the past, but having him come to my old high school?!?!  C’mon…no brainer.  I’M IN!!!

Back in the day Bernie was the sh*t!  Center fielder for the NY Yankees, 5-time All-Star, 4-time World Series Champion, 4-time Golden Glove winner, ALCS MVP…on and on.  …and the dude plays a MEAN jazz guitar?!?!  AND he made a few of the ladies in attendance scream like it was 1964 and the Beatles had just walked into the room!  AND he is one of the most genuinely kind and level headed people I have met in his position.  Damn you Bernie Williams!  Damn you!

It was surreal to be back in that building equipped with eyes that have taken a lifetime to develop and a childhood hero by my side.  Thank you to all who made this possible.  The short list includes Jim Jones of NDHS, Mike Macchione Sr and Steve Fortunato or Fortch Unlimited.

Here are a few of the memories that I walked away with that day.  …starting with a jaunt down the halls of my old high school:

NY Yankee Bernie Williams : Notre Dame High School : Utica, NY

Bernie_Williams_flint-8 Bernie_Williams_flint-13 Bernie_Williams_flint-12 Bernie_Williams_flint-11 Bernie_Williams_flint-5 Bernie_Williams_flint-4 Bernie_Williams_flint-10 Bernie_Williams_flint-3 Bernie_Williams_flint-1 Bernie_Williams_flint-2 Bernie_Williams_flint-7 Bernie_Williams_flint-9

The firey young spirit is a lifetime NY Yankee fan at the ripe age of 102.  Can you believe that??  Her first question to Bernie was “So are you married?!?”.  Too funny!


Here’s one from the archive that I thought fitting to share w y’all.  It’s from a Fundraiser that I covered in NYC last year for The Jorge Posada Foundation.  Bernie was performing with the great Jon Secada.  I showed this image to Bernie while I was with him @ Notre Dame and he says:  “Whoa man, that’s really nice.  Would you be willing to send that to me??”  Not at all Mr. Williams…not at all ;-)


…and finally.  Bernie and t.  Big thanks to Mr. Michael Hanlon of Hanlon Weddings for helping out.  I hope the O’Scugnizzo’s pizza was enough pay for ya brother!


Yep…pretty awesome day :)

That just about wraps up this installment of visual:ramblings my dear friends.  Thank you for your presence…I appreciate the company.  Back soon with more refreshing perspectives.  Till then, ramble on ramblers!


t (tomas flint photographer)

New York Yankee Stadium Photographs

Greetings Blog Peeps :)

Last year, as part of my ongoing “is this really happening??” photo-fantasy-gig, I spent an afternoon in an empty Yankee Stadium with a bag full of gear and a pass to get me access to anywhere and everywhere along the way.  A super-giant-huge thank you to Mike Macchione and the fine people at Catch 24 Design for making this happen…what a thrill!

Check these out y’all!!!

1 East 161st Street : Bronx, NY

Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees3 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees1 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees6 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees5 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees2 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees10

The image below is credit to the master fisheye visionary Mike Macchione.

Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees9 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees8 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees4 Tomas_Flint-NY_Yankees7

That’ll just about do it for this installment of visual:ramblings.  It was wonderful to have you here :)


t (tomas flint photographer)